Forum Thread: How to Downgrade to Windows 7 After Installing Windows 8

I have installed windows 8 on my laptop but now I again want to install windows 7

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You can do so by backing up all your important files, then boot from your Windows 7 disk, format the drive (erasing Windows 8 and everything else), and then proceed to install Windows 7 like normal. Once done, copy back all your important files and re-install your software.

are you sure about it,,,?
emmmm, how about windows 7 to windows XP,,?

Yes. Same process. Back up your stuff, and then just put in the XP disk and do a fresh install, overwriting everything on your disk. You may have to download drivers for XP, but it'll work. Once it's installed, copy back your backed up files and re-install all your software.

Why doesn't window 8 support directx games?

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