Forum Thread: Please Help Me Some One. I Had All Configuration Needed to Install Kali Linux but Unable to Do?

All configuration that is needed is available on to my SYSTEM but unable to dual boot it. It's all configuration meets to it's need but, cant boot it properly because of that problem is occurring to my original OS that is Windows XP server pack 3. My configuration is as follow :-

  • 512 RAM.
  • 180 GB HDD.
  • windows xp server pack 3.
  • Pentium 4 system with intel processor.

Please help me.

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What's there to say great please some one solve problem

Sry... Could you describe your problem a bit more? Specifically?

did you check the boot.ini? if there are two or more boot option, the OS choice screen should appear. if no, strike (spam) f8 until that screen appear. it may help, i don't know, i use live boot

Due to dual boot my system comes under preasure and restarts again. By initally I had windows xp and 1 GB ram but due to crash of 1 ram slot now I had 512 MB ram and that is enough for kali as before I read the specification of it kali should run smoothly but it's not. And due to preasure on system i am affariad of getting whole system crash.

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