Forum Thread: How to Prevent Data Leaks from USB Drives & Block Unauthorized Devices from Hacking Confidential Files on Your PC

The USB flash drive is an amazing invention that makes it extremely feasible to store data digitally. It's a portable data-storing device that's as small as a fingernail of a human thumb, but still has the capability of keeping GBs of data on it. But is a USB flash drive a total blessing? Well, the answer of this question is negative.

The tiny USB flash drive imposes huge threats to your data and USB disk security. Due to its small size, it's a tough ask to keep it protected as it's prone to getting lost or stolen. Similarly, this small portable drive can be lethal if someone uses it to steal your confidential information. All one needs to do is plug a USB drive into your PC and fetch out the desired data from it.

Prevent Data Leak from USB Drives & Block All Unauthorized Devices

In order to neutralize the threats of this portable data-storing device, you can use USB Block, which is programmed by It doesn't only prevent your data from getting stolen via a USB drive, but also keeps your information safe from a number of threats.

Block All Portable Drives

USB Block is a reliable program that can ensure that no unauthorized device can be plugged into your PC. It does not only block your USB jump drive, but also blocks all kinds of other portable drives such as CDs, DVDs, SD cards, etc. Thus, no unauthorized portable drive can operate on your computer. Knowing the fact that how huge the threat of USB drives can impose, this software is surely a blessing to all users.

Prevents Data Leakage

If you are fond of following current affairs, you must have heard about Edward Snowden. He grasped all the international media attention in June 2013 when he exposed a number of confidential documents of the National Security Agency (NSA) to public. He had no sophisticated weapons to steal data, all he had was his tiny USB flash drive in which he stored all the stolen information. This incident just gives you an idea about how devastating this small device can be. Snowden had access to information and there were no restrictions on plugging in USB flash drives. Moreover, carrying a flash drive is extremely convenient and hiding it is also not a challenge.

Protects Your PC from Being Infected

Hackers are very well aware of the fact that people plug USB drives into their computer that they find abandoned in a parking lot, restaurant, bus stand, or any other public place. According to a survey, nearly 60 to 70 percent of computer users plug the USB drive that they find into their computer without giving a second thought to it. For the purpose of stealing information, hackers infect USB drives and intentionally drop them in public places, especially in office parking lots. People easily fall prey to hackers' plot and end up plugging those flash drives in their computer and eventually compromising their data. Thus, this software blocks all unauthorized portable drives and keeps your computer safe from malicious portable drives.

Data Theft Prevention

This software uses the top notch data leak prevention technology and offers foolproof security plan for the users. It is almost impossible for anyone to plug his/her USB stick into your computer and steal your information. The software monitors all the activity regarding portable drives; it lets you know which authorized device has been plugged in, at what time, and by whom. This feature lets you know about all the activities regarding portable drives on your computer.

Monitors Illegal Activities

USB Block actively monitors all the illegal activities. The software logs the attempts of uninstalling the program with time and date of it. Moreover, an attempt to delete the program or logging in with a wrong password gets recorded by the program; you will be able to see when someone tried to log in and what wrong passwords he or she entered along with the time and date of it. It gives you a fair idea about who is trying to harm you behind your back.


USB flash drives can be quite damaging, but, using USB Block to maintain your security can really make this tiny device a complete blessing for you.

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