News: Are You a Mac Yuppie or a PC Nerd? Find Out if You Fit the Stereotype

Are You a Mac Yuppie or a PC Nerd? Find Out if You Fit the Stereotype

With over 60 commercials, chances are you've seen one of the Get a Mac spots run by Apple, which brands Mac as intuitive and hip, compared to their boring and clunky PC counterpart. You also probably saw Microsoft's response in their I'm a PC campaign. But who are Mac and PC users really? Do jeans and hoodie-wearing yuppies really use Macs? Are the suit-and-tie types strictly operating PCs?

Origin of I'm a Mac, I'm a PC ad, from 1996.

First off, the usage of PC is still somewhat ambiguous to most, because it's a personal computer, not necessarily a Windows computer. But overlooking that minor variable, most probably have a hunch on what kind of people use Macs and PCs. But the Hunch Blog actually takes out the guessing (oddly enough) with their new survey.

Hunch surveyed 388,315 of their users and found that 52 percent were undoubtedly PC, 25 percent proclaimed themselves Mac lovers, and the remainder chose neither—which could either mean they don't like the term PC, use Linux or something like QNX, or simply just don't care.

On average, a Mac person is younger, more politically liberal, more educated and more open to what goes in their mouth than PC people. Windows users seem to like their sugar, jeans, and math.

Here's some of the more riveting numbers:

  • 22 — Percentage of PC users more likely than Macs to be between 35 and 49.
  • 22 — Percentage of Mac users more likely than PCs to be between 18 and 34.
  • 36 — Percentage of liberal PC people.
  • 58 — Percentage of liberal Mac people.
  • 39 — Percentage of PCs that are more likely country and suburban folk.
  • 52 — Percentage of Macs that are city-bound.
  • 54 — Percentage of those PC persons that have completed 4 years or more of college.
  • 67 — Percentage of those Mac persons that did the same.
  • 23 — Percentage of PC aficionados who seldom throw parties.
  • 50 — Percentage of Mac enthusiasts who frequently throw parties.
  • 38 — Percentage of PC nerds who are more likely than Macs to be math whizzes.
  • 12 — Percentage of Mac geeks more likely than PCs to be Dickens rather than Newtons.
  • 71 — Percentage of PCs that like casual dress, like a nice pair of jeans.
  • 18 — Percentage of Macs that are happy with a designer/chic/upscale wardrobe.
  • 14 — Percentage of Macs that dig the unique/retro look.
  • 10 — Percentage of PC users more likely than Macs to snack on sugar.
  • 07 — Percentage of Mac user more likely than PCs to crave the salt.
  • 74 — Percentage of PC buffs more likely than Macs to watch blockbuster films.
  • 95 — Percentage of Mac fans more likely than PCs to watch something nobody's ever head of.

To get the full scoop on the 30 comparisons, go to the Hunch and see the impressive infographic by Column Five Media. But these results are not exactly scientific—Mac computers only take up 11 percent of the computer market, so what would it be like if it were equal with PC? And who exactly frequents Hunch, anyway? Also interesting, a study by the NPD Group back in 2009 stated that 85 percent of households that own a Mac also own a Windows-based PC. Makes you wonder how accurate one's opinion is, if they actually own both.

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0 - Percentage of Macs that know #$%@ about computers.

10 - Percentage of PCs that actually work.

100 - percent of people who think only 10% of PC work because they don't know how to use them.

100 - percent that macs wish they were as versatile as PC

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