How To: Access your computer's BIOS settings

Access your computer's BIOS settings

Access your computer's BIOS settings From this video you will learn how to get to BIOS. Why would you need it? BIOS, or Basic Input-Output System, tests computer hardware ensuring it is properly functioning before loading operating system and locates the operating system and passes control to it. It will make beeps if something is wrong. You can configure here system time/date, boot sequence, drive configuration, security password, power management and more advanced features.So, to get there, you can press either F1/F2/F7/F9/F11/Del/Esc/ Ctrl-Esc or Ctrl-Alt-Esc depending on the motherboard after starting computer to enter BIOS. After making the changes, press F10 to save and exit and continue the boot process. Normally the info is displayed on the computer screen during the startup/boot.

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