How To: How Long Would It Take to Crack Your Password?

How Long Would It Take to Crack Your Password?

If you have any doubt about how secure that strong password you created really is, there's an easy way to check online. Just visit, which uses a combination of math and statistics to determine how long it would take for a PC to crack your password. It's sponsored by Dashlane, one of the top password managers available, and also gives you tips on how to make your password or passphrase stronger. The site claims the password submitted is not sent over the web, and its source code can be found on GitHub.

Want another opinion? Try out the password checker by LastPass, another password manager. Or check out Kaspersky's online tool.

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117 days for one i use for casual stuff. But microsoft says its weak hehe.

back in the quake days, a friend and I went to a tournament and met this guy whose password consisted of a whole paragraph! It took him close to a minute to type it out too. I thought the maximum password length was 255 characters but he clearly went beyond that.

Just for fun, I copied a random paragraph into the site and it told me:
It would take About 9,571,860 nonillion years for a desktop PC to crack your password.

lol. I guess that guy is safe for now.

Well with a password of 32 letters (often the max on websites, if not 28) you would get approx. 30,000,000 nonillion. Add one more character and you'll skyrocket up to 1,873,469,891. (Well that's what the website says)

Glad someone is collecting IP addresses and your favorite password.
Very helpful service....
for ? ? ?

417 years for my mild pasword. lol i guess thats why hackers dont use destop PC's

I'm going to make my own site too: enter your social sec num and see if you won! of course everyone is a winner, well just need your name and address to send you your prize!

We also need your checking account and routing numbers to do a direct deposit of the $1000 prize you just won!

It'll be hand-delivered by a Nigerian prince.

my password would get cracked in 302 years..............!!!

It would take

About a quintillion years

for a desktop PC to crack your password
what was it?
cheese headbitchterd
not what i use btw xD

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