How To: Activate Windows XP

Activate Windows XP

It might not be on the top of your to-do list but activating your Windows XP is simple and only takes a moment. No need to put it off any longer. You just need your product key and your computer and your ready to go.

Stop "casual copying" and other forms of software piracy by activating your version of Windows and other software in a timely manner.

You Will Need

* Windows XP
* The product key
* Internet access

Step 1: Click Start button

Click the Start button on the Tool Bar of your PC. Hover over All Programs, then slide your cursor to Accessories and then to System Tools.

Step 2: Click Activate Windows

Click on Activate Windows and follow the on-screen prompts.

When you activate Windows XP, no other personal information is needed and you will always remain completely anonymous.

Step 3: Select activation method

Select your activation method. Activating the software over the internet is the easiest and quickest, but phone and modem options are also provided.

Step 4: Provide product key

Provide the product key when prompted. You're activated!

Did you know? A Gallup Poll found that 20 percent of Americans described themselves as "nervous" the first time they use a new technology device.

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