How To: Boot in safe mode in Windows XP

Boot in safe mode in Windows XP

There are times when you must start up your Windows XP computer system in Safe Mode, for example if you need to remove certain viruses, key loggers, adware, etc. that cannot be removed while in standard mode. If you want to learn how to boot in safe mode in Windows XP, you should watch this. 1. Turn on your computer. Make sure your monitor is on and you do not step away from your computer, as booting into safe mode happens within the first minute of when you turn on your computer. You should see your BIOS splash screen for a few seconds. We will access safe mode on your PC after this screen disappears. 2. Right after your PC's BIOS splash screen goes away, we will access Windows XP safe mode. The F8 key will bring you to the safe mode menu. So, right as soon as the BIOS splash screen goes away, continuously press the F8 key until the Windows XP safe mode menu comes up. 3. Now, depending on what your exact problems are, pick which safe mode you would like to use. Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to get to "Safe Mode" in the Windows Advanced Options menu. Press Enter. Your PC will now reboot in Safe Mode. Wait for the process to complete, as it may take a few minutes. After following these simple steps, your computer has successfully been booted into Windows XP safe mode.

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