How To: Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage notification

Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage notification

Steps adopted to bypass Windows Genuine Advantage Notification in Windows NT are:1. Open my computer2. Open the Local Disk (Where the Operating system is currently installed).3. Open windows folder and enter into the folder, system 32.(Shortcut: My Computer>Local Disk C>System 32)4. After entering system 32 (Folder), find and delete the file-wgatray.exe5. After deleting wgatray.exe file, go to the start menu and launch the run application6. In run, type in regedit and click OK,7. In regedit, type in, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/WINDOWS NT/CURRENT VERSION/WIN LOGON/NOTIFY and press Enter8. After Opening Registry Editor, Expand the following list folders:a) My computer list>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software > Microsoft>Windows NT>Current Version>Winlogonb) After opening Winlogon Folder, find and delete the folder 'Notify' and press yes when asked for delete confirmation.9. Now Restart your computer for a successful process completion.

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