How To: Change the accessibility options in Windows 7

Change the accessibility options in Windows 7

This video teaches how to change Windows 7 accessibility options. Choose Start, Control panel. This opens the Control Panel window. Choose Ease of Access in the control panel window. This opens Ease of Access window. Inside the Ease of Access window, there are various links that allows you to set various accessibility options in windows 7. You can use these settings for options like "Optimizing Visual Display", "Replace sounds with visual cues" and you also have settings to choose how the way your mouse or keyboard works. There is a link by which you can allow Windows to suggest the settings for you. This option will take you through a wizard which will help you setup your computer for specific needs. You also have links to setup speech recognition feature which allows you to control your computer with your voice. You can start the Speech recognition feature and also setup the microphone to work with the feature.

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