How To: Change a drive letter

Change a drive letter

Changing the drive letter is necessary for reassigning hard drives. This straightforward tutorial breaks down the steps for performing this simple computer-housekeeping task.

1. Go to start Then "control Panel"
2. From control panel go to "Performance and Maintenance"
3. From there go to "Admin Tools"
4. Once at admin tools go to "Computer Management"
5. At the Computer management window find "Disk Management" in the left box
6. Right click on the drive you wish to change the letter of and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths"
7. A box will come up click "change"
8. Select your choice of a letter and click "OK"
9. A confirmation box will come up. select whether you want to make the change or not
10. Double check you have successfully changed the drive letter by going to "My Computer"

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