How To: Change drive letters or directories in DOS command

Change drive letters or directories in DOS command

This video shows us how to change driving letters or directories in DOS command. Firstly go to start menu and then click on run. Then type cmd and press OK with which a DOS command cmd window will pop up. Now you need to change the directory and these is done by typing 'cd..' and after that press enter. Now you have changed the directory and now you need to see what's in there and for that type 'dir' and press enter and this shows what's in that directory. Now change to other directory by typing 'c:\windows' and press enter. Its actually a folder in windows so to see what's in that folder type 'dir' and press enter. With this you will get to see what's in that directory and now type 'cd..' and with this you will be out of that folder. Now by typing 'dir' you can see what's actually in C drive. Then if you want to change the directory again then type 'cd..' and type the particular folder to which you want to change. If you want to change to other drive say F drive then type 'F:' and this will lead you to that drive and you can do the same to any folder which you want to enter. And if you type anything wrong then it will not recognize the command and it will prompt you to reenter the command which is valid. These are the ways to change the drive letters or directories in the dos command cmd window.

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I Saw mostly how to view whats in a drive.

I Screwed up my laptops directory from the regedit. I fallowed directions on how to change my C drive since I cloned it to a new ssd. When I restarted my pc it would not load windows. Can you write out the commands to see the drives on one screen and then how to change there path?

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