How To: Change the language on your PC keyboard

Change the language on your PC keyboard

Mrs. Victoria explains us how to change the language on your Keyboard (Windows)1. Go to the control panel and select the option 'Change keyboard or other input methods' and a dialog box (regional and language options) pops up.2. Click on change Keyboard, and another dialog box pops up.a) In the new dialog box, click ADD Button, and select the input language you require and click OK.3. You have the feature to alter your language input whenever you want by coming to this (Change keyboard language) dialog box or from the Task bar.4. Now you need to select the language bar and select the radio button adjacent to either first or second option (according to convenience), and click OK.5. You will be diverted back to regional and language Option dialog box, in that Dialog box click (the final) OK.6. You can verify that, input language is altered, by opening a notepad and typing in it.7. Mostly, the layout in the New Keyboard language by comparing it with the English language Keyboard will be different.

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