How To: Change the logon screen automatically in Windows 7

Change the logon screen automatically in Windows 7

Windows 7… the new operating system from Microsoft that everybody wants, because of it's new design and easier functionality. But, like many Windows operating systems, there is a need for knowledge… knowledge on how to fix or repair things. So, check out this video tutorial on how to change the logon screen automatically in Windows 7.

This is excellent for Windows 7 users. As you know, Windows 7 allows you to change the login screen easily without the need of any external software. Here is a small utility which allows you to choose images and displays them randomly at each login.

It's called Logon Screen Rotator. If the image doesn't meet the requirements, the program will automatically resize the picture. The new version also allows you to set the time interval of changing login screen background. Now you can set it to only one time, every logon, every day, or every hour.

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