How To: Change The Windows 7 Start Orb

Change The Windows 7 Start Orb

In this video, we learn how to change The Windows 7 Start Orb. First, you will need to download Universal Theme Patcher to your computer, which you can find at: Freeware Geeks. Once you download this, install it to your computer and make sure you choose the right type to download. Also, download the registry files from MediaFire, click the "take ownership" option when you right click on this, then double click on it. When the window comes up, click to add the ownership option. Now, go to the start menu, then go to your drive and click on Windows. Find your explorer, then right click and choose take ownership. Once you do this, you will have full command over it. Now, go to Deviant Art and search for Windows 7 start up orbs. Once you find the one you like download it to your computer, then choose this as an option and you will be finished!

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