How To: Change workgroup, name, & description on Windows XP

Change workgroup, name, & description on Windows XP

This how-to video explains how to changing the name of a computer, workgroup in a network and the description on a Windows XP.

A workgroup is a network, example home computer network where two computers are connected to the same network that can share the same router or modem and can share files and folders between them. These two computers are referred as a workgroup network. Both computers share the same work group name but not a computer name.

1) To rename the workgroup name click on the “start” button, right click on “my computer” and click properties.

2) The system properties will show the details of the computer. Click on the “computer name” tab. In this demonstration the computer is already connected to a laptop (System A) whose workgroup name is GTAXL. The name of the work group for the system B has the default name “WORKGROUP”. To rename the computer click the “change” button.

3) Change the computer name and rename the work group as desired. For demonstration the “WORK GROUP” name is renamed to GTAXL so that system B is connected to the same network.

4) Change the description of the system B and restart the computer. Once the system restarts the new settings will take effect.

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