How To: Check for a HomeGroup setup on your PC in Windows 7

Check for a HomeGroup setup on your PC in Windows 7

In this video the instructor shows how to check if your computer has a home group setup or setup one if required. Home group is Microsoft's new way of making networking easier with computers. They allow you to share documents, pictures, videos and all kinds of media between computers that are a part of a home group. Go to the start menu and go to Control Panel. In the Control Panel select the Network and Internet link. Now in the Network and Internet window select the Home group. In this page your computer shows the details of your current home group. If your computer does not belong to any home group it displays the same message and also shares a few details about home groups. There is a button at the bottom which says Create a Home group. Now in the next tab you can setup a home group with other options like what files to share in the group. This video takes about the Home group feature of Windows 7 and how to use it.

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