How To: Clean out old files in Windows XP

Clean out old files in Windows XP

This is a step-by-step guide to cleaning out those old fires in your Windows XP computer. You want to start by clicking the "start" button and then clicking on "my computer". Once there, you are going to want to right click on the C-Drive to clean that one first and click on "properties". Once the box opens you want to click on "tools" on your tool bar and then click on the "defragment now" button. When the box opens click on the C-Drive and then click "Analyze" to
check and see just how fragmented your drive is. When the results pop up, you will get an option to see the report and, depending on the results,
you may not even need to run the defragment. If you do, just click defragment and let it run. Now to run the disk clean up you want to begin by clicking on the "start" button then clicking on the "all programs" and going to accessories and choosing system tools. Once at system tools click on "disk clean up", and select which drive you want to clean up and let it run. Once it's done you can pick and choose which files you want to get rid of and click "OK" to perform that clean up.

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