How To: Clean up a hard drive in Windows XP

Clean up a hard drive in Windows XP

In this video Dave Andrews from Help Vids will show you how to clean up your hard drive in Windows XP. A way to do that is to delete the icons from the desktop that you don't use regularly. The files that you have just deleted are located in the Recycle Bin. To permanently delete them, right-click the Recycle Bin and click "Empty the Recycle Bin" or double-click the Recycle Bin and delete them from there. Now the files are gone and your desktop is much cleaner. You can repeat this method with any folder from your computer.

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Automatically Clear all data on computer, after 1-2 months

(example: if i set to clear data today, it could be Erase on after 1-2 months, it's possible or not) Please help me. Sorry why I'm asking like this i tell you later.

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