How To: Create and join partitions in Windows 7, Vista or XP

Create and join partitions in Windows 7, Vista or XP

In your Windows XP or Vista computer the hard drive contains only a single partition by default. Partitioning hard drive helps to easily manage you data by segregating them into different drives. You can partition a single drive into multiple logical drives. You can also delete the partitions. First go to the start menu and go to the Computer button. Right click on it and select the Computer Management option. In the Computer Management window, at the left hand side select storage and select the Disk Management option under it. This shows the status of your hard drive. It displays the number of partitions present and the size of it. To create a new partition right click on any of the drive and select the shrink volume option. This frees up the space which can be used to create a new partition. This video shows how to partition and un partition you hard drive on a windows computer.

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