How To: Create a bootable Windows 7 repair disc on a USB drive

Create a bootable Windows 7 repair disc on a USB drive

In this how to video, you will learn how to create a system repair disc on a bootable USB flash drive without having to burn a CD for your Windows 7 system. First, plug in your USB drive and create new folders in it. Name the first folder boot and the second sources. Next, open a command prompt and type in the cd c:\recovery, dir /a:sh, and so forth as shown. Once you have typed in the proper commands in the prompt, eject the flash drive. Restart the computer with the drive plugged in. Boot from this device rather than the hard drive in order to use the repair tools. This video shows you the basic steps in order to create a way to repair your operating system without having to use a CD.

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I have a huge problem when i try to start my Windows 7 laptop. I get and error code for my Media and also say insert boot disc Please someone please help me!

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