How To: Create a new user ID in Windows 7

Create a new user ID in Windows 7

This video describes how to create a new account on Windows 7.
In this video it is shown the whole procedure and all you need to know to crate new user account.
First you go to start menu, then you need to open your control panel.
When control panel is opened if you are in category view you will see User accounts and family safety option. Under that you can see links Create or rename user account and Setup parental control for any user. Click on Create or rename user account and new window opens. Here you can see existing accounts and under that you will see link Create a new account. Click on that link and you will enter window for creating new account. Here you need to write account name and choose account type. It can be Standard user or Administrator. Choose one that you want to create and click on Create Account button and that is all.

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