How To: Customize the menu bar in Snow Leopard

Customize the menu bar in Snow Leopard

M4cbook shows viewers how to easily customize the Menu Bar for Snow Leopard on the Mac. He takes extra time to emphasis the need to backup your files before proceeding with the customization, and reminds viewers to backup their files throughout the instructional video. M4cbook shows step-by-step the process by showing you his computer screen as he's giving the instructions to do so. By performing the steps in this video, you can customize the Menu Bar for the Snow Leopard the way you want it, instead of its default properties.

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hi. Thank you very much for your nice video. I have just one Question. It is very easy to see the black text for the time and the battery in the menu bar. Is there a way to turn the color of the text to blue or red or whatever what???? thanks again

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