How To: Customize your dock in Mac OS X

Customize your dock in Mac OS X

This video describes how to customize the Dock in Macintosh OS, we can arrange application into the docks as your wish, and in right side of the docks we have the "Trash" and also minimized applications. Now we are going to see how to add shortcuts to "Dock". First get into the "Application" folder for example take Quick time player and Drag into the Dock directly. We can also change the position of the application in dog by drag and drop we can also add shortcut to folders into the right hand side of the dock, to remove the shortcut from the dock just drag out the shortcut and also dock has the "context menu" by click on the shortcut and select the "quit" is also another method for remove the Shortcut from dock. To "delete" the file drag and put into "Trash" and trash also have context menu for "empty trash". Now look at the Dock into the Macintosh. Now select the "Dock" from the "Apple" menu from that we can change Position of dock to Left, Right and on Bottom and "Turn Magnification On" to magnify the icons and "Hiding Turn On" use to hide the dock and will magnify icons while only when mouse move over the deck. And finally using "Dock Preference" in which we can change the "size of the Dock" and here too we can change the location of the Dock. This will help the viewers to customize dock in Macintosh OS X without using any guide and not to get confused.

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