How To: Defragment or format a Mac hard drive

Defragment or format a Mac hard drive

In this episode of Ask the Techoes, D.Lee and Brandon answer viewer questions on how to defrag a Mac hard drive, erasing an NTFS hard drive on Mac OS 10.4, how to uninstall programs and their related files on a Mac, questions with Parallels, and how to create a wireless USB hub. Send us your questions at Hosts: D.Lee Beard & Brandon Jackson

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*defragmenting is not necessary. see apple's tech note. parallels can be installed anywhere, not just the boot drive. *bootcamp must be the internal drive because windows doesn't deal with booting from external drives very well. that's a windows issue. *mac formatted drives can easily be formatted on a windows box. *vlc does not use divx codecs.

too many mistakes in the advice.

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