How To: Do a system restore in Windows Vista

Do a system restore in Windows Vista

In this video, we learn how to perform a system restore on an HP Touchsmart PC. A system restore will return your computer to a previous point in time. This will not change anything you've currently downloaded or any files you have. First, go to the main desktop then click on "start", then "all programs" then "pc help and tools" then click on "recovery manager". A page will pop up and click on "advanced options". You will now be presented will several options, choose the one that says "restore your computer to an earlier point in time" after clicking next, you will see an option to create your own restore point in time, name it as you wish. Now, you can click on going back to your restore point and once you click on that, your computer will restart and you will soon be presented with your desktop as it was at a previous point in time!

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