How To: Do a Windows XP system restore

Do a Windows XP system restore

Although it is a rare and potentially frightening occurrence, knowing how to do a system restore in Windows XP is an important thing to know how to do. To get started with a system restore, select the Start menu in the lower right of your screen. Then select All Programs. Then from the All Program menu, select Accessories and then from Accessories, select System Tools. There are several items under System Tools, but you want to select System Restore. You will follow through the next few screens, deciding if you want to restore your computer to an earlier date and time or to set-up a restore point. When choosing to restore from an earlier date, you select the Next button and then you select the restore date from a new calendar screen on the next page. After that, you will be taken to a confirmation screen. When you a certain you want to proceed, select Next and you will start the system restore. This could take several minutes to process.

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