How To: Download and install Windows 7 on your home computer

Download and install Windows 7 on your home computer

This how-to video is about how to download and install Windows 7 operating system in the computer.

To download and install Windows 7 for free just follow these steps:

Two methods are available to download and install Windows 7, Let's see the first method now,

Go to Google and type "Windows 7" and hit enter, from the list of options displayed hit on the option "Welcome to Windows 7" this will take you to Microsoft website, in the website scroll down to locate the option "get the beta" when you click on that it will take to page where you can select the version of operating system, either 32 bit version or 64 bit version, after selecting the version and language you have to create an account with Microsoft, once you create the account, Microsoft will give you the activation key and automatically you can download Windows 7,download and save the file, once the download is completed it will be as an ISO image and it needs to be burned to a disc, and after burning the image to the disc you can install Windows 7 to your computer using the disc. Other method is downloading Windows 7 from the following URL "" enter this URL in the address bar and hit enter then you can see an option "download this torrent" click that option to download Windows 7 in image format, follow the step mentioned above to burn the image to the disc.

You can use this disc to either upgrade your existing operating system to Windows 7 or you can clean your operating system to Windows 7.

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