How To: Download & install the Sun Java Browser Plug-in

Download & install the Sun Java Browser Plug-in

This video teaches "How to Download and Install JAVA plug in for your web browser".

Open your web browser.

Type in "" in the address bar and click on GO.

Type in "JAVA plug in download" in the Google search bar.

Click on "Google search".

The first entry that pops up is "", click that link.

Click "Download".

Download "JAVA plug-in".

Exit your browser and double click the "JAVA plug-in file" and click OK.

Now click "Run" and follow the instructions.

The installation will take 2 to 15 minutes depending upon the internet connection speed and your computer's speed.

When the installation is complete click "Finish" and you are done.

JAVA is now installed on your web browser.

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