How To: Drag and drop in Ubuntu Linux

Drag and drop in Ubuntu Linux

Drag and drop doesn't work automatically in the Ubuntu Linux distribution. You'll need to make some settings changes to enable it. For a step-by-step look at the process to enabling drag and drop file management in Ubuntu, watch this Ubuntu tutorial.

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Apologies but this is atrociously ill-informed ignorant advice. NEVER gksudo Nautilus by default, NEVER. It beggars belief that a newb would make a video recommending that and my impression of it borders on thinking it's a deliberate spoof effort. There is no problem none at all, dragging and dropping in Nautilus under normal operation. If you're running into permission issues, ask yourself about the permissions in place in the target folder, learn how to set them right and fix the permissions problem. gksudo runs Nautilus as a root user, that is a system admin, or if you will the god of that system, and it is never done lightly as it means that any and every thing is possible then including inadvertently or intentionally (if someone uses it while not looking) destroying or compromising your system.

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