How To: Dual boot Windows XP & Vista

Dual boot Windows XP & Vista

This video illustrates the quick and easy method to Dual boot Windows XP & Vista . The process is comprised of the following steps:Step 1: Install Windows XP OS on your PC. Run it and see if it works fine.Step 2: By using the Windows Vista OS setup , start the installation process and choose "Custom Installation" as the installation method.Step 3: Make sure you install Windows Vista on a Local Disk different from the one where Windows XP or any other Windows OS is installed as this may result in system failure and instability and both the Operating systems might stop functioning.Step 4: After you are done with installing Windows Vista , start the computer and wait for the boot menu.Step 5: When you have reached the boot menu , you would be prompted to choose the Windows Installation to boot your PC.That's it. You have successfully learnt the way to Dual boot Windows XP & Vista

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