How To: Enable Aero on Windows 7

Enable Aero on Windows 7

Windows' new Aero interface is a nice, clean style to use on your desktop. Aero is included with most editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is also available on Windows Server 2008. Aero is a cleaner, more powerful, more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing user interface than the old theme and includes fun things like live icons, animations, and a funky new design.
Activating Windows Aero is easy and only requires a few steps. You can accomplish this in less than two minutes. Check out this tutorial for a step by step on how to activate Aero on your Windows system. This video will show you how to enable Aero on Windows 7 if it does not automatically run when you buy the program. Follow along and you will have a smoother, friendlier interface in no time.

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