How To: Encrypt data w/o admin rights using Rohos Mini Drive

Encrypt data w/o admin rights using Rohos Mini Drive

This technical video will show you all about the Rohos Mini Drive. See how you may work with an encrypted partition on a PC without admin rights using this free portable encryption solution. It securely protects your portable data on any USB device. Portable utility Rohos Disk Browser gives you opportunity to work with your sensitive data on a USB drive in the usual way on any PC (even at an internet cafe, where you don't have admin rights).

In this video, you will see:

* Opening encrypted part of USB drive by a password.
* Opening files (with on-the-fly decryption) with associated application.
* Saving files with on-the-fly encryption from application.
* Playing MP3 files.
* Browse all photos from a folder in thumbnail view (by using Virtual Folder command).
* Launch portable applications.

With these functions, Rohos Mini Drive is the most wanted tool for portable data security recommended by many bloggers and magazines.

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