How To: Explore your "computer" in Windows 7

Explore your "computer" in Windows 7

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Windows 7 is soon to be upon us! The latest version of Windows promises to be faster, easier to use and more fun than any version of Windows before. This video will show you how to explore your "computer" in Windows 7.

Look at the "Computer". This is the top level view of all the drives and storage devices attached to your PC. From Computer you can open and navigate to any file or folder on your PC or on network drives or removable drives.

As stated in the video, your computer is likely to have different devices to the one shown in the video. It's impossible to cover all different configurations, but the concepts will be the same no matter what devices you have attached.

Explore your "computer" in Windows 7

Explore your "computer" in Windows 7 Click through to watch this video on

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