How To: Find and install Windows PC drivers quickly & easily

Find and install Windows PC drivers quickly & easily

This video shows us the method to find and install Windows PC drivers. Install the software from Click on 'Start Scan' to list the drivers you have and which ones need an update. Choose 'All Drivers' to see all drivers and 'Outdated Drivers' to see the outdated ones. Check the drivers and click 'Next' to update them. Use the 'Back Up' option to back up the drivers in case of a malfunction in the computer. Use the 'Restore' feature to restore the saved drivers which could be 'Currently Used Devices' or the 'Windows Original Devices'. Check on the appropriate option to restore. Use the 'Uninstall' feature to uninstall any new hardware which is conflicting with the hardware already installed in the computer. Choose 'Options' and 'Scheduling' to schedule a scan to find out outdated drivers and update them. This finishes the video.

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