How To: Find a cool Windows XP hidden Easter egg

Find a cool Windows XP hidden Easter egg

In this tutorial the author shows how to find out a Cool XP Easter Egg hidden in the XP which comes by downloading the latest update of widows update. The author now opens Internet Explorer and visits the windows site. Now he quits the explorer and holds down both the Control key and alt key and right clicks on the desktop seven times. Now keeping the control key pressed, he releases the alt key and right clicks the desktop and chooses the option 'Create ShortCut'. Now he releases all the keys and opens the properties of the shortcut and renames it to evil. Now he opens it and shows a location to open which opens a notepad in which serial number 99, 6th occurrence contains the numbers which he shows how to copy it. Now he opens calculator in scientific view and uses hex mode and pastes the number he copied into it. Now he converts it into binary and counts the number of ones in it. Now he holds the control and alt key and right clicks the desktop the previously obtained number of times. Now when you open the shortcut you can see a video. If you really want to check this out please follow the steps given in this video.

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