How To: Find information on your own computer

Find information on your own computer

How to find out information / details about your computer?

To find out the information about your computer, you need to download software from the website PC World. The following are the steps to download the software:
•First open the site
•Now click on downloads and then click on utilities.
•Now click on system resource tune-up.
•It displays a list of different products that can be download.
•From the list you need to search for system information for windows(SIW).
This program gives you all the information about your computer like--
>What operating system is running?
>What brand of computer you have?
>What type of mother board you have and what it is called?
>How many PCI slots you have?
>How fast is your processor and more?

•Now you need to download this SIW software. It displays thank you for downloading and a pop-up box appears asking to open or save. You just need to select save and click ok. (If the pop-up box does not appear click on the option "click here" and select save and click ok).
•Now you get an icon on the desktop. You need to right-click on it and select extract here. Another icon named "siw" appears on the desktop which is the actual file.
•Now if you are using windows vista, right-click on this siw icon and select "run as administrator" to avoid erroers. Else if you are running XP or others, double click on this siw icon.
•Now you computer will be analyzed and a new window gets opened.
•This window contains all the software, hardware and network information about your computer. It displays information like operating system, installed programs, licenses, system files, system information, motherboard, CPU information, network information, open ports and many more details.

This is all about PC World, which helps you to know the information about your computer.

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