How To: Fix a DVD or CD player showing an error 31, 32, or 19

Fix a DVD or CD player showing an error 31, 32, or 19

This how-to video explains how to fix DVD/CD player related issues with error code 31,32 or 19 in the computer that is having either Windows Vista or Windows 7 as their operating system.

Just follow these steps to fix the CD/DVD related issues in the computer:

First click on "start", then in the "start search" box type "regedit" and hit enter. This will open list of folder options, look for the option "HKEY_LOACL_MACHINE" click that option, then chose the option "SYSTEM", then choose the option "CURRENT CONTROL SET" option under "SYSTEM" then choose the option "CONTROL‚", under "CONTROL" click on the option "CLASS", when we click on the "CLASS" option bunch of text options will be available, carefully look for the following option "{4D36E965-e325-11CE......} from list of text options, care has to be taken while identifying the right text file, after choosing click on the text file, from the list of options displayed on the right side of the screen, look for the options "upper filters" and "lower filters", right click on each of these options and click on "delete" to delete upper and lower filters, after doing this make sure to restart the computer to fix the CD/DVD related issue.

This video is really very useful for fixing the CD/DVD related issues that shows the following error codes 31, 31 and 19. While doing the above steps care has to be taken because wrongly deleting some other files will affect the system registry and will affect the registry of the computer.

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