How To: Format a hard drive with the Mac Disk Utility

Format a hard drive with the Mac Disk Utility

Formatting a hard drive is not exactly an essential computer skill, but it certainly is if you're a technie who's looking to start building your own computers. Hard drive formatting involves erasing/formating a hard drive or USB flash drive to be compatible with different formats like MAC OS Extended and Windows OS.

Check out the video to learn how to format a hard drive using the MAC Disk Utility. You'll also find out how to name hard drives and create partitions.

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Hi - great info! D. Lee Beard mentioned something I need help with. tech friend of mine partitioned my drive years ago and left only 10 Gigs space in main drive. I have been having many disk space issues and am now trying to re-partition my drive or get it back to one big block of space. i am trying to update my CS software and cannot get partitioned drives to unlock. What can I do?

This video is very useful. I have used my Mac for years and did not format it. This article helped me much. I also found another free cleanup software MacCleaning to clean my Mac. It is free and effective.

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