How To: Free up hard drive space on Mac OS X

Free up hard drive space on Mac OS X

First of all you shall need a program called "Disk Inventory X". You can download this program from the link []. Once you have downloaded you have to install this program. Now launch "Disk Inventory X". This shall take some time to load because it processes your hard drive and looks at all the files and folders. This program provides you a visual representation of the files that are there in your hard drive. Therefore for every folder that is shown in this application it shows a giant square like thing. And it shall show your ‘bigger files’ larger taking more visual room. This helps you to quickly identify all the bigger files that are in your hard drives. You can also click on the square to find out the file name and type. Then you can decide whether you want to keep that file in your computer or not. Therefore this is a quick and easy way to free your hard drives because it gives you a visual representation of the files. This application also provides you with a great 'summary' option. It works very best with the ‘Mac OS X'. You can download it for free. The tutor requests that in case you like the application then you can donate some money. That's it.

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