How To: Get a moving wallpaper on your computer monitor

Get a moving wallpaper on your computer monitor

First of all you have to go to Photobucket. In the search option you have to type in '3d gif''. Now click 'search'. You shall get a number of photos and you can select the image that has red color moving screen. It is better to get image this way without a virus. Now you have to right click on the image and save as '3d image animation wallpaper' and click save and then save it on your desktop. Now right click on your desktop and click on the properties. Now go to the desktop and then select 'browse' and select the image you just downloaded and then click on the 'thumbnails' and then double click on your image. It shall show your image filled in the whole screen. Now if you select the full screen it shall slow down your computer. So select it as center and a small little screen and then apply. It shall take a while to load and then you can see it on your desktop background. That's it.

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you sound exactly like Ellen Page, the actress.

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