How To: Get a keynote presentation to play in Windows

Get a keynote presentation to play in Windows

It is a great video tutorial about how to create a keynote presentation to run on a windows platform. After opening the keynote presentation, click on file menu and open up the export window. This window shows different file formats and types. By using this we can export a quick time movie, an html, PDF, images, flash or a PowerPoint presentation file.
Each export format has its own cons and pros. According to tutor, quick time movie is an ideal format because it retains the features and effects of keynotes. A quick time movie can be run both on Mac and windows operation system. We can embed audio and sound files in our keynote presentation. After setting the screen mode and playback options of the presentation, click next. A dialogue appears to save the file. It takes some time to save the presentation with transitions and effects. The saved file can be played on both windows and MAC based computers.

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