How To: Get your Windows Vista Recycle Bin back on the desktop

Get your Windows Vista Recycle Bin back on the desktop

Accidentally delete your Microsoft Windows Vista Recycle Bin? Don't worry: this common problem is easy to fix. So easy, in fact, that this video guide can present a complete overview of the process in just thirty seconds time.

First, right click on your desktop, then click "personalize". After this, click on "change desktop icons" on the upper left hand side of the screen. Now, a new window will pop up, check next to recycle bin, then click "apply" and "ok". Once you exit out of this, your recycle bin will show up on your desktop once again! This is a great tool to use if you were deleting from your recycle bin and accidentally deleted the entire thing from your desktop. Use this for any normal desktop items for a quick recovery!

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