How To: Hack Command Prompt at school to change passwords and more

Hack Command Prompt at school to change passwords and more

Trying to focus on studying for your Stats final in the library but getting a serious ADD spell? Then make use of your time - while having a little fun with whoever else is in the library - by hacking into your computer's command prompt.

The command prompt is the most basic operating system that your computer runs on, and this video will teach you how to shut down your friend's computer or even get and change the password of an administrator.

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Let me start off by saying that command prompt is a program and not an operating system.
Also this is NOT hacking, it's basic system admin tools that might or might not have been turned on.
Note that this is a good way to get yourself banned from using computers in most schools.

no IDIOT, command prompt is an operating system...its MS-DOS , where DOS stand for Disk Operating System... a built-in admin os environment.

There is no chance you'll have access to 1. create or modify anything with any of the net commands and 2. have permissions to interact remotely let alone shutdown any computer on the network. Also please don't go to any website you see in a video like this, best case scenario you give some sketchy website your information and worst case you just picked up some annoying malware and depending on the malware(that can and will be traced back to your account by your administrators) you can get in a lot of trouble for whatever it does.

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