How to Hack into a compuuter, the easiest way

In this Computers & Programming video tutorial you will learn how to hack into a compuuter, the easiest way. Go to start > run, type in ‘cmd’ > OK. To find the IP address of a website, type in ‘tracert’. This example is to find IP address of Then all the IP addresses of the website will be displayed. If you want to shut down a computer, now you type in ‘shutdown’. A remote shutdown dialog box will open up where you put in the IP address. That’s all. The video warns that this is for education only. Do not shut down a computer, because it is illegal.


wow ! you rock..! by the way,what happens if i hack a computer? :D

bro, i tried this just now and a message says that trace complete but when i tried to type shutdown -i it says the interface is unknown.

"Do not shut down a computer, because it is illegal." So, you're saying it is against the law to shutdown my computer or any computer at all, because it is against the law? :?

can any one hack into some ones computer without any network joining the

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