How To: Hack into a Windows computer

Hack into a Windows computer

This is how to hack a computer for educational purposes. First you need its IP address, radmin viewer 3.3 or later, and an open port scanner. Okay so first you need the IP and scan the IP address of the computer. Now find what open port it has. Ok then open up radmin viewer and put in the IP address and open the port you found. Now right click after you enter the computer's IP address and the open port. Select full control or view only and there you go. The computer has been successfully hacked and now you can view.

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hi, do you know how to trace someons comps ip adders from a chatroom

im trying to scan the open ports but how exactly am i doing that with angry ip scanner?

Im getting an error cannot connect to server????

hey wat ups, Orphen Le nice underwear

Hack My Computer pls..... PS//: Do it orelse i put down ur underwater

Q:how to hack any computer when their firewall is on.
Q: WHen i get full control the screen become deteriorate?

please tell me how to hack
I have the following details

Internet IP :
Internal IP :
IP Address :
Subnet Mask :
Default Gateway :

what to do with this , and how can i remotely access one person computer even he is using it , and he cannot view my mouse movements while i am using it

hey smart guy that's not hacking you fail to mention that radmin have to be install on the remote computer..... just a thought if i have access to the remote comp. and have enough privileges to be able to add software to it why hack it Homer?

exactly... the guy just wants to have video views...

hy how to hack another computer from my computer ?

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