How To: Handle a PC freeze

Handle a PC freeze

If you work with a computer, at some point in time your computer is going to freeze. Hopefully, you've been saving any important data or writing you've been doing because there are a few easy steps to take to get that computer running smoothly.

Don't get locked down when your computer locks up. Escape the cold grip of a PC freeze.

You Will Need

* PC
* Internet access (optional)
* Application watcher tool (optional)

Step 1: Launch Task Manager

Open the Task Manager to quit an unresponsive application or process by pressing the Control, Alt, and Delete keys, or by right-clicking an empty space on the taskbar and then selecting Task Manager.

Look for the words "Not Responding" next to the frozen application or process in the Task Manager.

Step 2: Quit unresponsive application

Select the unresponsive application and click End Task to quit.

Step 3: End processes

Click the processes tab, select the process, and click End Process to quit any processes that are frozen or taking up too much memory.

Download an application watcher tool that shuts down bad processes before they crash.

Step 4: Shut down

Shut down the computer if freeze problems persist. Press and hold the power button until the computer shuts off.

Step 5: Restart

Restart the computer and reopen your applications to make sure the freeze problem has been resolved.

In 1988, Robert T. Morris, a graduate student at Cornell, unleashed the first widely known computer "worm."

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