How To: Hide hard drive icons in Windows with NoDrives Manager

Hide hard drive icons in Windows with NoDrives Manager

Video demonstrates tutorial of how to hide the logical drive icons in Windows. In the demonstration there is two partitions C and D and also there is a DVD drive, DVD Rom and DVD Writer. Here drives C, D and F from My computer is going to be hidden with help of utility called "No Drives Manager". If you don't want your young ones to access some of your important data you can hide it. It will just be hidden. This means if go to the address bar and types the name of the drive you can go to that drive. Any way to hide it from the young ones who possibly won't know where is the drive.

Take the "No Drives Manager". In that you'll just have to click the drive letters associated to that partition or DVD writer or removable hard drives etc. As said before here C, D and F are to be hidden. So click on these letters. Now click on the button "Save Changes". Then a pop-up appears which ask either to log off and log in again or restart the explorer.exe process in task manager in order to see changes. Press OK button.

Launch the task manager, which may take some time. Click on Process on the menu. Right click the explorer.exe process and end it. Go to Applications click on new task, type explorer. Click OK.

If you go to the "My computer" we can see that there are no icons which are hidden.

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