How To: Increase your PC's virtual memory

Increase your PC's virtual memory

This video will teach you how to increase your PC's virtual memory. Or in other terms, the Random Access Memory space to be used when doing something with your computer. 1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL. Go to Performance tab. 2. Check the Commit Charge which is also the amount of virtual memory used. 3. Right-click the My Computer shortcut on your desktop. 4. Go to Advanced tab. 5. On the Performance box, click Settings button. 6. Click the Advanced tab. 7. At Virtual Memory box, click Change button. 8. Select which Drive you want to use. 9. Click the Custom size button. 10. Enter the minimum and maximum space in megabytes you want to allocate for the virtual memory. 11. Click the Set button. 12. Check the paging file size of the drive you have selected. 13. Click OK button. 14. Check again the size on the Virtual Memory box. 15. Click OK button. 16. Click OK button again on the last window. 17. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to reveal the Task Manager window. 18. Go to Performance tab. and you will see that the Commit Charge has increased.

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