How To: Install Adobe Shockwave in Internet Explorer

Install Adobe Shockwave in Internet Explorer

This video tutorial is about how to install Adobe Shockwave Player in Internet Explorer browser. This video tutorial is provided by One can clarify any computer technology-related doubts using this site.

Now let's see step-by-step instructions for installing Adobe Shockwave Player in Internet Explorer:

Step1: Open Internet Explorer and in the address bar type "" and hit enter. This will automatically take us to the Adobe Shockwave Player download page.

Step2: In the download page there will be an option, "agree and install now", on a golden colored button. Click on that option and a pop-up will open automatically asking whether or not you want to install Adobe Shockwave Player. Choose the "install" option. The installation will automatically begin and a pop-up will open. Uncheck the box that opens in the pop-up and the installation will be completed.

Step3: Sometimes a pop-up blocker, which is golden in color, will open on the top of the screen. This may sometimes prevent the installation process. If so, close the pop-up blocker to complete the installation.

Finally, sometimes we may need to close Internet Explorer and reopen in order for the installation to be completed successfully.

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